Snow Removal and Anti-Icing Services

Capilano provides complete snow removal and anti-icing services to customers in the Lower Mainland and Whistler. Our diverse fleet of plow trucks, loaders, bobcats, snow blowers, and snowmelter serve the following:

  • Municipality buildings, roads, parking lots and walkways;
  • Commercial buildings and parking lots;
  • Strata property roads, driveways, parking lots and walkways; and
  • Individual home owner driveways.

All of our varied customers’ properties receive 24 hour service that is focused on the highest quality management of winter safety hazards. We pride ourselves in minimizing both customer liability and project costs. We have provided snow removal and anti-icing services to the Ministry of Transportation for the past 22 years. Capilano has always exceeded the Ministry’s strict standards and provide the same quality service to our seasonal customers. Our dedication to each customer’s site is the same for all project sizes.

Whistler Olympic Park

Capilano is very proud to have provided snow management for VANOC at the XXI Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2010. The Whistler Olympic Park, home to the cross country, biathlon and ski jumping events, was the largest and highest profile venue in the games. Capilano managed the snow, ice and drainage concerns for all roads, parking lots, roof tops and walkways throughout the venue. The team of 60 equipment operators managed a fleet of 70 pieces of equipment. The crew of 75 manual snow clearers maintained over 220 trailer roof tops and surrounding walkways. With the world’s eyes on the Whistler Olympic Park, Capilano is very proud of the professional snow management services that served the Olympic operations team.

What are your needs?

Capilano will manage any of the following snow clearing and anti-icing projects for you:

  • Roads
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks and walkways
  • Rooftops
  • Driveways

We offer flexible contract terms that suit your snow removal, salting or sanding needs – lump sum, hourly, or per visit.