Snow Removal Services
Highway Maintanence

Capilano Highways

Capilano Highway Services (Capilano) specializes in highway and bridge maintenance; road and underground utility construction; and snow removal for residential and commercial developments. Since 1988 Capilano has been serving the Ministry of Transportation, as well as municipalities, developers, engineers, residential developments and property management firms from the Lower Mainland to Whistler and all along the Sunshine Coast. Our long history of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is founded on a drive for innovation and continual improvement. Capilano’s professional management and operations staff, extensive equipment fleet and local area expertise make it your best choice to assist you with your construction and maintenance needs.

* To report debris or an incident within our contract limits on the Sunshine Coast please call us at:
Ph 604-983-2411
Toll Free 800-665-3135